The Fibonaccis Song List

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The Purple Haze Video-1984

Ooooh…that 80s cheese, ripened on the shelf, finally digitized and available on the Fibonaccis Video Podcast

Clicki to Play Here

5 Megs Flash

Or click one of these for better quality: (opens in new window)

Small, quick, and dirty “HQ” (that’s high quality for the technically minded, highly quirky for the technically challenged) 20 Megs

Medium sized and well-behaved 35 Megs

Large and lovely 51 Megs
You should download this one to your hard drive (see below).

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Please allow some time for download. PC users right-click on the links above to save to your hard drive; Mac users control-click. You’ll need the Apple Quicktime Player to see it.

Production credits:

Director: Alan Smithee
Producer: Kate Linforth (where art thou, O Kate?)
Cinematographer: Shane Kelly
Editor: Richard Ross
Lighting: Torv Carlsen
Special Effects: Usual suspect Chris Casady
Costumes, Sets, Makeup and Props: Kind people who devoted their time with no pay—thank you.

Cast: The Fibs, George DiCaprio as the cult leader (yes, Leo’s dad), Larry Smith and Michael O’Reilly as the deprogrammers, Jac Zinder, James Helpy, Belissa Cohen, and many more.


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brings forth monsters."

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