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Stay Home


Although this song was released as an instrumental, it was performed with vocals. Here are the lyrics (thanks to Craig Unkrich):

STAY HOME             lyrics by Ron Stringer Tower of Pisa, Mona Lisa Monte Carlo, they take VISA! Sip a rare amontillado…see the Prado Far away . . . Mandalay . . . Old Cathay Coliseum Where a gigolo with a boutonniere Runs a slimy hand through his greasy hair British Museum Where a scholar sits and reads all day Till he’s blown to bits by the IRA Arc de Triomphe Where Parisians sneer while the tourists pay For a chic coiffure and a fake Monet Chorus: Far away . . . Mandalay . . . Old Cathay Whaddya know! Every place that you go has the same human race - oh no! There’s a beggar here, there’s a mugger there calculating what you owe him From the shores of Montezuma to the sands of Nice I’ve heard an ugly rumor: Better pack a piece! Sacred Ganges Where a palsied fakir sits on a mat And they drop like flies and they breed like rats Tokyo Ginza Where the crowd’s so packed when you take a stroll You feel like fish in a sushi roll Wall of China Where China dolls in coats of blue Are deciding how to re-educate you Chorus: Far away . . . Mandalay . . . Old Cathay



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